Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Friday part 2, the DopeOpera continues......

More brilliant photography from yours truly.

I should have finished this story last week but since I scored a script for 60 Percocet.......
Haha yeah, I probably don't have to explain. 4 lonely little pills left at the bottom of that big bottle, I should take them and end their suffering.
Anyway, Rufus said something about a soap opera so I though hmmmm.....and came up with the brilliant title of this post. Let's get to it shall we? Friday night part 2:

I was in the back of the van, a giggling David by my side and Maniac behind the wheel. As we cruised through the darkness I was wondering if there was anyway I could strangle Maniac while simultaneously kicking crack-boy in the mouth. Lame-o cholo wouldn't shut up about Adrian and the headcase next to me was babbling to himself whilst picking the flesh from his arm. EEEEWWWWW!
For whatever reason the fact that I had found Adrian to be moderately (OK extremely) attractive was amusing Maniac to no end. That fucker was having way too much fun at my expense. I decided to ignore them both and tried to find a comfortable spot amidst the shag carpeting.
Did I mention that there were no seats in the back? Yep no seats, just the two up front and then nothing but orange (yes orange) shag as far as the eye could see. It went up the sides and over, giving the impression of being trapped inside one of those carpeted cat tunnels.
I had zoned out for maybe 30 minutes when I felt something crawling up my leg, it was crack-boy. He was picking at the seam on my jeans, I shooed him away and began to wonder if he might be mentally challenged. I voiced this thought aloud but Maniac was busy talking to R-man on his cell, I swear those two are having some twisted tweeker love affair!
I was so busy slapping at David that I hadn't noticed us pulling into a gas station. It was one of those halfway to nowhere places that looked like something you'd see on unsolved mysteries, "She was last seen exiting a 1973 Dodge van before disappearing into the darkness, never to be heard from again."
I was out of that van in record time! Rainman had pulled next to us and I went to his window to tell him exactly what I thought of this babysitting assignment. He was still runnin on go and most of what he said was so garbled I couldn't make it out. I looked to Maniac for a translation but he was busy trying to convince the wackadoo to remain inside the vehicle.
R-man popped the trunk of the disco mobile and began to rifle around, I was half expecting him to pull out one of his guns, maybe he was gonna shoot crack-boy and be done with it? No such luck, he slipped a paper bag into his pocket, made some noises that sounded like "get back in the van" and went inside the store.
I walked back, leaned up against the side and lit a cigarette, trying to prolong the inevitable. Maniac popped his head out of the back and tried to entice me to join them with promises of a "surprise", HAH his surprises I could do without!
Curiosity got the better of me I'm ashamed to say and I had to go have a look. They had pulled a curtain that separated the front from the back and had turned on the overhead light. Personally I think that to a cop, seeing a parked van with a glowing flower-dy curtain is probably more suspicious that just a van with the light on....but that's just me. I suppose it looks pretty stupid either way.
As I was getting ready to climb in, Rainman came up behind me and handed me the brown paper bag and a bottle of water, "You're gonna need this." I could have been coy and pretended that I had no clue what he was talking about but I kissed him on the cheek instead...and then hauled my ass into the van. He gave us 15 minutes to do what we had to do and get back on the road, he would meet us somewhere down the line. 15 minutes haha yeah right! How was I supposed to get anything done with crack-boy pestering me?
Well funny thing is that as soon as I pulled out the shit he became amazingly docile. The paper bag contained 1 single serving syringe sealed in it's own little package and an astonishingly generous bag of la crystal.
Maniac had his pipe out and after scooping a healthy portion into the cap of the water bottle, I handed over the rest. He and David amused themselves by hot boxing the van while I squinted through the fog, trying to find a good place to stick myself.
Success! I got it done and sucked down cigarette after cigarette as I enjoyed the tingly rush. Speed is definitely not my favorite but it packs a hell of a punch. When I was feeling a bit steadier, I capped the rig and was gonna go toss it in the trash but David grabbed onto my ankle and asked, "May I use that please?"
What the fuck? It wasn't the request so much as him acting normal for the first time since I met him. Now I know that I don't have any communicable diseases (I know, AMAZING right?) but he didn't so I asked him if he was sure he wanted it. He nodded at me so I handed it over, who am I to deny a hype in need?
Hmph! I shoulda broken it right under his nose! As soon as he got his clammy little paws on it he started to giggle again and I got a bad feeling. The feeling grew worse as I watched him reach into his fanny pack, (did I mention that the fucktard was wearing a fanny pack? Ugh!) pull out a little ampule bottle and start to fill the rig. The fucker didn't even bother to rinse it! I hadn't done it because I was just gonna toss it but GROSS!
I won't lie, I've shared needles on more than one occasion. Mostly with Casey but with other people too. Mainly because dopesick doesn't give a fuck, all dopesick knows is that the person next to you has the only available rig for miles and after waiting half the day just to score, a 2 hour walk is NOT on the agenda. Plus after all those years of shooting, I kinda figured I had hep and all that other shit as well so I didn't give it too much thought. I'm sure there a some people who have been shooting smack as long as I have or longer that have never shared a needle but I've never met 'em.
No needle exchanges or helpful pharmacies in Bako, you have to buy them off diabetics, so sometimes they can be hard to come by. As excuses go, that one's pretty decent but it's still just an excuse. Don't share needles unless you are as stupid and reckless as I am...was....whatever, don't do it.
Anyway, the point of that is that even though I shared, I ALWAYS at least flushed the blood out of it! OK maybe not with Casey but any other time hells yeah!
I looked over a Maniac and he just shrugged and went back to his pipe...priorities. I leaned in for a closer look at the solution David was drawing up and it looked cloudy and weird and a little......yellow.
Yellow? Oh you retarded bastard! I had barely formed the thought when he stuck himself in the hand and shot it all in. "You fucker! Did you just shoot rock?"
"What?" Maniac choked out, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"
It was like that really funny slow motion that they do in the movies, Maniac diving across the van to slap the rig away, crack-boy giggling at an insane pitch and me....watching the whole thing and wondering for the millionth time why I was there in the first place.
Maniac grabbed my arm and shook me, "This is BAD! This motherfucker can't do that shit, he goes loco."
Huh? "What do you mean loco? Like crazier than he is already?"
"No, I mean like.........FUCK!!!!"
We both looked over at David who had stopped giggling only to begin convulsing and bouncing his head off of every available surface. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! His face was turning funny colors and he had his teeth clenched, his whole body rigid. Maniac grabbed his arms and and moved him away from the side so his head would stop banging against it. He maneuvered him over so that his head was in my lap, fat lot of good that was gonna do. Crack-boy began seizing up again, knocking me back onto my elbows and pushing me all the way against the front seats. A good 3 ft, hence the rug burn.
He was frothing all over my lap and slinging it into my hair which didn't really bother me until he suddenly stopped, looked up at me with drool all over his face and started that annoying high pitched giggling. "Gotcha heheheheheheheheheheheehe loco hehehehehehehehe suckers hhehehehehe" and so on. I shoved him off me and lamented the drool-y state of my hair and pants.....that nasty bitch!
As soon as Maniac realized that it had been a put on he got really pissed, he snatched the fanny pack right off crack-boy, took it outside and stomped on it. Doing a fair impression of Rumpelstiltskin, he didn't stop until he was sure everything inside was pulverized and it was leaking fuids. How many amps of rock water did that skeevy little punk have in there? Christ!
We got back on the road and eventually made it to Bubba's. There were no more pit stops and R-man was waiting when we got there. I found out that David was Bubba's nephew, that's why we were delivering him and "something else" to Gallup.
We smoked it up some before we left and then we were on our way back home. Rainman needed to stop by his place to grab the oxy he promised me. When we got there guess who was kicking back in the living room with some randoms? Adrian, that's who mothafuckas and he was looking every bit as good as he had the night before (it was now almost morning)*sigh*
I however had clumps in my hair and drool stains all over my black jeans, they had dried all white and flaky and resembled something that I'm sure I don't have to spell out for y'all. Yeah, that's the stuff.
He pretended not to notice and told me he had been hanging out hoping to catch me when we got back. AAAWWWW!What a cutie.....a 20yr old.....cutie. We talked while R-man collected the promised oxy and I found out that Adrian was originally from Arizona. He was also *gasp* a smack devotee and had been doing the same thing I had since I got here, making do with what was on hand. Namely speed. He was really nice and never said one word about the fact that I looked like I had been the guest of honor at a circle jerk.
He said he had a hook up in Durango for oxymorphone liquid and that he was gonna be getting his hands on it around the 15th if I wanted some. Hells yeah I want some!
I was getting ready to leave and he told me that he'd have Maniac call me when he had it and maybe he could come over and we could all get loaded. I had my doubts about that scenario but I said OK and left.
So in theory if Adrian comes over and gets me and Casey loaded everything should be ok. Fuck, even in theory that sounds like a disaster. Heheh, I guess we'll find out on or around the 15th.
So that's it, I got the last of R-man's oxy and a big bag of cryssy and I took it all home as promised.....oh except for the FAT kick down I gave Maniac as a bribe. I made him promise not to mention Adrian to Casey until I do. It'll be better if I spring it on him, that way he has less time to obsess over it.
I started this writing this bitch on Tuesday and it took me til 3pm on Thursday to finish it up. Oh well, it's done now and that's all that matters.
I'll be back tomorrow....maybe. Love to you all, Melody