Monday, June 30, 2008

A big wet kiss from me to you

I have to say thank you to a few people. I have not been on blogspot for very long but in these few short months I have come across some truly spectacular people. People who have no problem telling it like it is and damn the consequences or criticism. I'm sure I don't need to point out that I am also someone who cares little about the opinions others have of me. If you like me, well cheers, thanx a lot. If you don't well, fuck you anyway, you could disappear tomorrow and it wouldn't make a difference to me one way or the other.
I don't really consider this to be a bad attitude to have, after all if I spent all my time worrying about what others think and trying to conform, I would be just like everyone else and who the fuck needs that? I am content to be my weird, addicted, shameless self.
You may be asking yourself, "If she cares so little for the opinions of others, then what the hell is she doing posting her dirty laundry for all to see?"
Well, inconsistency is human nature at it's best I think. I really don't care what criticisms may come my way, 'cause well, I just don't. I have enough angst rolling through my head, adding the negative opinions of others would possibly make it explode. An exploding head I can do without thank you very much. It is altogether too easy for me to dismiss any negative e-mails (for some reason y'all like to talk shit via e-mail rather than through comments) and get on with my day.
I also love the fact that some of you get so irate at something I said that you feel the need to rattle off a 1500 word e-mail in my honor. There is nothing I like more than knowing that some off the cuff remark made by yours truly has sent someone into a crazed e-mail composing frenzy. My inner attention slut coming to the forefront.
So before I go on and make this post all about me (and I do love to talk about myself) let me get to the point.
A big wet kiss to Michelle and her crew in Florida. I love ya girl, thanx for the mention on your recent post and thanx to Greg for his comments, I hope this layout is a little easier to deal with. Kisses aplenty to my readers, at least those who have been kind enough to leave comments (instead of insane e-mails).
And for all of you who are interested in making your own special Internet friend, do what I did. Go to the drug forums and get to know some people. You never can tell what might happen, you take the chance of getting burned every time you score, so how is this any different? If you are as desperate as I was, it's a chance you are willing to take. That's the best I can do on that one, after all a girl never gives up her connect.
If you found me without the help of Michelle at Those who dance...(which is doubtful) then check her out, she's on my blogroll, you won't regret it. I've also added ...k1tten, who unfortunately is MIA more often than not but I look forward to greatness from her in the future.
And thanx to Lilygirl, whose continued patronage is much appreciated. I will do my best to construct that myspace but I am such a busy girl and you have no idea how exhausting it is do absolutely nothing all day. It's a wonder I can drag myself out of bed in the mid-afternoon, um morning.
A final farewell to all those people who hate the very thought of my existence. Adieu, adieu my beloved critics. It is for you that I save my final and sloppiest kiss, 'cause I know how much you'll appreciate it. Try not to break your fucking neck running to the sink to wash it off, ya bastards. As always Melody Lee, signing out. XOXO