Saturday, September 28, 2013

All's fair...

Well, I'm doing something I said I never would...I'm disabling comments. Due to the fact that Anna seems to have plenty to say but can't come say it to my face. She would rather post it in comments, so she can get attention because I know it's not so I'll see them. I don't read comments, not even those. I've heard from people that she's on here running at the mouth and that's all I need to hear. Oh but wait, maybe she can send her mom over to say them for her?

I think anyone who's been privy to her FB posts knows that she has more anger than sense and will say some of the stupidest shit about what she's doing at the moment and then wonder why they're using it against her in court. Super smart.

So even though she's on here going on about how selfless she was to try to take care of me and what a selfish cunt I am blah blah blah. THIS selfish cunt managed to control herself enough to NOT write about anything they could use against her. Because you know, I'm such a backstabbing bitch etc etc. *rolling eyes*

For someone who claims to not want to attract negative opinions, she sure went to the right place to do just that. As if the people reading this don't already have the lowest opinion of me possible. If anything they're pissed that she didn't let me die, which woulda been hard since the times I actually DID overdose, it was K looking after me, not her attention seeking ass.

If all you have to do is pull on my arm to wake me up, then I'm not dying, you ignorant cow, I'm just high as fuck.

Talking shit about me to K when he was here BEFORE I ever said anything about her, talking shit about me to Casey, again BEFORE I said a damn thing about her. In my own house. Classy.

I could go in and give a full explanation of what was happening to cause me to say what I did, but I won't. Not because of what it says about me but because of what it says about her. You know, coz I', just trashy like that. With a needle in my neck, hahaha. Sigh. Whatever. I'm out.