Monday, September 23, 2013

It's That SuperFly Shit.

And just like that...I'm over it. God GOD, I can't even bring myself to read that last post, ugh. What a bucketful of overdone sentimentality! Rebound accomplished, on to the next big thing.

Didn't take me long to remember why it didn't work out the first time, did it? It took...well however long it's been since that happened; a week? Maybe two? Shit, coulda been three days for all I can tell, this Cali heroin has kicked my ASS! I'm told I died 4 times that second night but I think that may be an exaggeration. What is clearly NOT an exaggeration is the fact that my somewhat intoxicated state wrought havoc on my usually non-existent emotions. It seems to have brought forth a spewing stream of...I don't know what to call  it but it was and is unacceptable.

I suppose it's what I was feeling at the moment but the moment has passed, friends. Oh fuck me has it passed. I am nowhere near looking for anything other than an occasional distraction and if I was, it wouldn't be one who can barely manage to look after himself. I believe we've been through that before.

I'm also not looking to be on the receiving end of any overly-religious girlfriend action. Ex or otherwise. That part is a bit up in the air, as I'm sure K knows better than to count on me for anything but last I heard it was iffy. Too bad, as I recommend that he run back to her and kiss as much ass as necessary to make sure that she never find out about anything that took place within these debauched walls.

Regina called it my den of iniquity but I think that's over-reaching. It's not like I'm running a gang of opiate addicted child prostitutes, for fuck's sake. It was a few nights of moderately decent er...stuff happening.

Ok look, I can give credit where it's due and he did a uh...bang up job, haha. It was fun and like being kids again but playtime is over. I sent him away yesterday. I was not in the mood for any of it and I'm still not. So I think that means I've progressed past whatever it is that I needed from him. Whether it was validation or simply familiar contact, I can't say. Maybe both.

What I can say is that I need to never-ever get re-involved with someone from my past. EVER. Except maybe the big C but that's a horse of a different color and not likely to happen. Although...he does miss me horribly, even if it did take him a week without me to realize how much. BUT, I will not be going back there, so unless he comes here, that shit is done.

He still thinks I was fucking everyone from Anthony to Ty to G but that's not a story for tonight. Actually...I have no story for tonight. I was just sitting here, wrinkling my nose at the stench coming from my guest room (it smells something like vomit, piss, blood and possibly...shit?) and thinking that I needed to get that bit about K off my chest.

And that I also need to check and make sure someone hasn't died in there, ugh. I'm not loving house-guests right now, not one bit. That room smells like a combination outhouse/slaughterhouse and that's with the door closed. If no one comes out by morning I shall have to investigate...

(pretty sure she's not dead but better safe than stuck with a horrendous Hazmat situation and a lot of explaining to do)

Stay tuned for more calamities from my little corner of paradise,

Melody Lee

*Edited* Oh God. I just read it. It is even worse than I thought. If I was the type to delete posts, that thing would be gone so fucking fast it'd be like it never existed! *grumbling* I fucking wish! Oh also...Hieeeeeee Edwin!!! That is all.