Monday, January 24, 2011

Questions Answered, Comments Addressed and Blah.Blah.Blah!

OK, I'm gonna answer some comments with this post and continue the saga of fat Cyndi Lauper next time. Hope that is acceptable and if not, tough tittie said the kitty when the milk went dry. no discernible order, here we go!
First off, I so-so-so appreciate Andrea coming to my defense but it's totally unnecessary. I can see how a friend might be upset by that shit but I welcome it. What could be better than for someone to dislike me in the extreme, yet feel compelled to see what I do next? They love to hate me and I love them for it. Negative attention is still attention, que no? I adore you Andrea hit me up tonight, k?
Anna your linking is for shit, just e-mail me that stuff from now on!
I need to check the dates for Lora, then I will put up the R.I.P. I miss that crazy bitch something fierce! Bako wasn't the same without her.
Hello to Lucy, I'm glad to hear from ya girlie, I hope you're still tearin it up and doin shit your own way. I'm happy to hear you were amused, I live to serve, *wink*.
Also stoked to hear from Michelle and Kelley, hugs n kisses sweethearts.
Now for Prince Charles! You'll hafta come find me, the hunt is part of the fun and don't forget the Chloroform, with those ears you're gonna need it handsome. Oh and can Camilla watch? I'm weird that way, haha.
Oh man, I am so fucking good at phone sex it's almost unreal. I have no probs owning up to that at all. I give amazing phone, no doubt about it. I think it's more than the voice though, it's because when some depraved fuck calls me and says, "Will you do a home invasion/rape/torture/mutilation/snuff fantasy?" I say, "I'm gonna find us a real pretty piece of ass in there, string her up by her ankles and have a little batting practice. I'll break every bone in her fucking body...I wanna hear them cracking and grinding together while you fuck her. I'll carve a nice, tight virgin hole in that bitch's gut so you can stick it in her." And that's the super mild version. I can do all the other shit too, don't get me wrong. I'm beyond great at the standard moan and groan but I really excel at the twisted shit. Blow torch, curling irons, phone cords, box cutter... it must be the thwarted serial killer in me. Anyway, what I'm getting at is that I'm good because I never say no to anything, I take all the calls other bitches are too squeamish to do and it pays off. I need to get back to it, I've been slacking and my perverts are getting impatient *wink*
So Gleds...Christ amighty dollface! Those comments are hard to unscramble sometimes but I wouldn't have it any other way, you're purely you and I love it. I'm not sure I'll get to all of your questions but here's an answer to the most important ones of the lot, the drug related ones,of course.
The bags here are done in a very basic way and if you're lucky they'll be over but mainly a dime=$10=1/10th of a gram. Some dealers won't sell dimes because it's a drag but it's how you make the most money off your cache. Sell point for point and you get $100 a G instead of say $80 because you sold quarter bags for $20 instead of $25. I sold dimes on up to quarter ounces and it's always the higher the quantity, the bigger the price break. I'm not sure what % of purity the tar here is but it's decent, in Cali it varies. I went to O.C. and got G's for $40 but you had to bang 2 of them just to get well. In my hometown you can get Dope that will put your dick in the dirt off a 10 dollar can also get burned like a motherfucker, so I guess it's like anywhere else. I did some there recently and we were loaded for days n days.
I don't know how different it could possibly be from state to state but here we cook the Dilaudid for just a second to really break up the pills. I'm talking like no longer than it takes to get that first crackle and boil on the spoon. Then you toss in the cotton and draw it up, pretty as you please. You also wanna go back and pound the cotton to make sure you got it all. It doesn't burn but it does cause a weird ache if you start to miss, it's hard to explain but it just...aches. The liquid we just draw out of the vials and shoot as is, it's ready to bang, straight from the gate *wink*
Oxy doesn't burn either but you don't cook that at all, just crush it and put the water on, alot of water. Anyone trying it better have a 100 unit point ready because there's so much damn water you may need to do it twice. It's really a hassle but when you need that rush and nod and there's nothing else to be had, it seems worth it. They have tried to gel up the pills here in the states but so far there are still water soluble goodies to be had.
The only thing I've done that really burns is Morphine. It burns no matter what and you feel it crawling up your vein until it disappears into your circulatory system. It's so short acting and lame but you know, when there's nothing else...
I hit the E- room this weekend because my feet were doing that weird thing where they look like they belong on a corpse, (plus I was bored and couldn't find any Opies). It didn't hurt, though it sometimes does, but it looks so freaky that when I go to emergency, they take one look and start pumping me full of all sorts of yummy things. They really believe that I must be in indescribable pain to let them IV my neck in order to get some relief. If the only knew, haha, besides, sticking my neck once is soooo preferable to getting poked a gazillion times everywhere else.
I got several shots of Morphine and 3 of Dilaudid in the 4 hours I was there. Doc was amazed that I was perfectly coherent after the first few and marveled at my tolerance, haha. If he only knew how I built it. Anyway, off topic, Morphine burns Dilly don't.
Shane you are divine, thanx for the compliment. Thank you to Tatyana (I probly bungled the spelling, sorry), Sweden, Sids and all the others that have started reading or are just happy to see me back, cheers my darlings, much love to ya.
Oh and Military School? I can't begin to imagine how bad that blows! Like sucking off dogs for beer money blows. I'm not sure if that makes sense right now, Lyrica, haha. Anyway, glad to be of use and out of curiousity, is this an Up The Acadamy kinda place? Haha... I fucking LOVE that movie! SAY IT AGAIIIIIIIN! Sorry, this shit is kicking my ass and making me feel retaaaaaaaarded, in a good way of course.
Oh, about the background...damn! Every time I try to pretty up my page it's too hard to read *sigh* gimmie a few days and I'll see what can be done.
I better go now before I start to make even less sense than usual...I am currently sense-less, haha.
XOXO~ Melody
PS. SO jealous of whoever has that soundtrack record!I would cause some serious damage for that thing, no lie.