Monday, January 11, 2010

The Return of Richie...and then some. Adrian who?

Casey multi-tasking

I saw my baby Richie recently...totally unexpected! I was sitting on my ass, looking less than presentable, contemplating a long day of phone perversions when there was a knock at the window. Let me make it clear that no one knocks on the window anymore, not since Casey's last blowup. So even though he was at work, it was still unusual. Besides which, answering the door in thi-hi fishnets, boxers and wifebeater was less than ideal. Don't ask, I was having a desperately seeking Susan moment, the less said about that the better.
So I open the door and who do I see standing before me? My sweet Richie, looking super hot and as edible as ever. If anything he looked a bit less like the cute skate punk I remember. Being in lock-up will do that to you, especially to guys, serving time for males is vastly different than it is for females, at least in my experience.
Anyway, his head was shaved and he was *wink* he'd been doing some serious work on the weight pile or something (not sure if weights have been yanked in NM jails)he looked grown up and...uh, anyway, he looked good.
In true Richie style he ignored the fact that I looked like a throwback to an 80's movie and leaned in to give me a hug. Fuck he smelled goooood, familiar and disconcerting, all at the same time. We froze like that for awhile, him with his arms wrapped around me and my hands resting on his back. Don't know how long we would've stayed that way if someone hadn't cleared their throat in a very loud and obnoxious way. I pulled loose and looked around R's now considerable shoulders and saw Eric standing behind him. I ducked under Richie's arm and E swept me into a bear hug. I was less reserved with Eric just because there had never been weirdness between us. He finally let me go when Mr. Muscles grabbed me from behind and pulled me back into him. Signature Richie move and just as effective now as it ever was, uh-huh.
I suggested we go inside before we were spotted by a neighbor who would carry tales to Casey, probly something along the line of," Your old lady was practically banging two thugs on the front porch and she was wearing YOUR underwear!" Somewhat inaccurate but damning just the same.
They followed me into the house and we went into the bedroom heheh, not what you think. I had all kinds of shit going online and I needed to monitor while we talked. I will say that I did not hate seeing Richie sprawled out on my bed. Eric was a bit more circumspect, taking seat in one of the armchairs. Not to say that Eric isn't a cutie too, we just never had that kind of thing going on, thank god! That would be waaaaay too much to deal with!
So did I mention that seeing Richie laying amidst my blankets and pillows was not entirely unpleasant? I did? Well I'm saying it again, he is fucking HOT!
So I found out that the boys were making a brief stop in between reporting to their PO's and getting shipped to some men's home in Colorado (Eric had been out a few days already). The last time this happened I didn't get to see them at all and then they caught a case there, getting sent back to the pokey. So tho I managed to pull off one visit, the fact that I refuse to get a New Mexico DL (it makes my stay here seem way too permanent), kept me from visiting again.Now my boys were here, looking very grown up but still every bit the little fuckers I remembered.
Richie was playing with Fat Mike, rolling himself in my sheets like a big and very dangerous(to me)cat. I should explain to those who don't know that trying to ignore Richie is next to impossible, he's one of those magnetic personalities that you can't help but watch and the fact that he's unbelievably attractive don't hurt either! He's such a little sociopath, I swear to Christ that kid has every available emotion on speedial and fuck can he make it seem sincere. Regina calls me a sociopath on a regular basis but I don't really think I am, I kinda wish I were sometimes, it would make some things alot easier.
Anyway, we sat there and shot the shit for like hours, the boys ooh-ing over the ink I got while they were locked up. Some time later I heard the door and the phone in rapid succession, I answered my cell and got Cameron. He was outside waiting on me, I had totally forgotten that I was expecting C and crew. They were coming over to tie up some loose ends and grab some more percs and no doubt spend a good portion of the day in my living room. I turned to Eric and Rich and said,"Great, this just turned into a gangbang" getting a blank look from one and an interested smile from the other, I think you know who belonged to what. Gangbang indeed!
So I went to go let the others in, conducted some business and they arranged themselves on assorted couches. I went to take a shower and change into something more suitable, declining Richie's offer to join me. I am a good girl! Haha, maybe if I repeat that enough times it'll be true.*wink*
Casey had made it home by the time I was done swathing myself in my security blanket of black eyeliner and was less than pleased to see everyone, especially you know who. He made a snide reference to my "barely legal entourage" and ensconced himself in the bedroom to make love to the 3 40oz-ers he was holding. The pic is one I took of him that night.
So alot of interesting things happened,one of them being the drive taking Richie to Rainman's house. Eric had gotten a lift to his sister's from Cameron after some not so subtle prompting from Rich. So I will write about that next time because as usual my post has gotten beyond long and though too much of me is never a bad thing, enough is enough.
I'll be back, you know I will, I always am and if you miss me too much, listen to me on the voice thingie or look for my lame-o podcasts sometime this week. I could seriously kick my own ass for agreeing to do that shit! It could be interesting if I can get the always hard to pin down Veronica Vicious to make the guest appearance she's been promising...unreliable cuuuunt!
Why does that sound so familiar and strangely comforting? Hmmm, no idea haha.
See y'all soon...probly. Tho every smart kid knows I was born on a green light, it is a very selective light and picks and chooses when and where it will make it's influence known. It's an asshole that way.
~Melody Lee
P.S. No I haven't forgotten Adrian, I just temporarily placed him on the second to top shelf. No reflection on him, he's a sweetie, maybe too much so. I have issues dealing with guys that are too nice but the fact that he's gorgeous makes it sooo much easier to put my issues aside haha. A little bit of shallow every now and then never hurt anyone, promise!