Friday, January 15, 2010

Mix Cd's are the devil!

Me (and my tits) in all my soft focus glory, courtesy of Richie and Maniac

So as you can see by the pic, I spent more than just the drive to Rainman's with Richie but more on that later.
When we left the house I had informed Casey that I had been pressed into service as a chauffeur and got a drunken smirk for my trouble. Figuring that I would sort it all out later, I herded Richie out the door before my beloved boyfriend decided wringing R's neck was worth the trouble after all. Rich may have just stepped off the weight pile but Casey has it all over him as far as psycho goes. Not to mention bulk, I mean look at the size of his (Casey's) arms, he looks like freakin' Popeye for fuck sake! Way hotter tho heh!
Anyway, we got into my vehicle and I started us on the drive to Rainman's tweeker compound letting Richie play the mix he burned earlier at my place. I was lost in thought when I started to notice a disturbing theme. At first I did little more than roll my eyes and chain smoke when he sang along to various "mushy" songs by the Ramones. I thought I showed amazing restraint as I sat through I want you around and I wanna be your boyfriend. That was before he moved on the the Murder City Devils and Depeche Mode. Having Richie staring at me, earnestly singing about not going down on his knees begging me to adore was clearly some insidious form of reverse psychology!
I did a remarkable job of not pulling to the side of the road, snapping the offending CD into pieces and climbing out of my panties. Had it been anyone else singing to me like a tard, I would have laughed them out of the truck but it was Richie. He can do pretty much anything without compromising his hotness, cheesy sing alongs included.
Instead I calmly ejected his mix o' questionable seduction and replaced it with something less...interpretable. Let him try and be adorable to Wayne County, I thought truimphantly! It looked as tho victory was close at hand...but then I witnessed him become immeasurably attractive whilst singing to me about making him cream in his jeans. He could've yodeled like a Swede (Swiss? Whatever!) and it would have been devastating, just because it was him. UGH! I was sooo out of practice when it comes to dealing with barely legal lotharios!
I turned down the music and we had a little talk...

Me: Why do you do this shit? I haven't seen you in soooo long and it's like you never left! You pick up right where you left off. It's fucked up, you know where I stand on all this.

Richie: I though maybe things were different, I heard about what happened over Loco's place with that hype from Phoenix. Plus Loco making comments about you and him hooking up. I Thought maybe...

Me: *grumbling* Fucking Maniac and his big mouth! First of all eeew! Loco? Really? That's what you think of me? Secondly what happened with Adrian was...complicated. caught up in the moment.

R: Yeah, I heard that you did *smirking* that guy must either be a pussy or a fool to let it end the way it did.

M: Hmph! Big man are we? I suppose you would've carried me off like some jailbait caveman and...

R: What is it with you and the age thing? It's not like I'm 12, I'm grown and...

M: AND you lied to me! You told me you were like 19 and come to find out you had just had turned legal. UGH! I was almost a baby snatcher! Do you know how creepy that is? I spent my last year in Bako fending off advances from kids that I could have babysat for in Jr high! The last thing I expected was to have you to deal with as well, you're practically and infant!

R: *laughing* I think it's funny as hell and I wish you would just understand. I only want to know you *looking soulfully in my direction* It's like you only let me see one side and I want to get to know every part of you.

M: Hah, I know what part you're interested in! And it's spoken for!

R: Fuck, like that's a secret...come play with me over at R-man's tonight. Please? It'll just be you and me and maybe Maniac, Rainman is gonna be busy most the night. Like old times, you know you want to...and it'll be the last time we can kick back before I leave.

M: *sigh* gonna work that angle are you? Fine, I'll stay for a bit.

Richie smiled turned the music back up, he lit a smoke and we said nothing else the rest of the way. I already knew what I was letting myself in for and had to wonder at my lack of judgement. Not that I'm a model of restraint or anything but I usually try to keep it in my pants out of consideration for Casey. Crack enhanced make out sessions do not count if they are terminated before any clothing hits the floor...or dirt as the case may be heh.
I was gonna be in for it and sure enough, the moment we walked through the door, I was assaulted by a gakked cholo wielding a digi cam. It would seem that Maniac came up on all sorts of photo stuff and had been experimenting by taking pics of anything that would stand still.
Richie took the camera and started shooting waaaay too many pics of me and my impeccably turned out boobs. Though I knew they looked quite good, I (and my tits) soon grew weary of the attention and put a stop to the photo shoot.
They uploaded the pics and the boys played with the effects on paintshop pro, turning me into a soft focus daguerreotype. I was somewhat pleased by the end result so I decided to post it here.
I hate to do it but there's alot more to tell and it's gonna take more than one post, I will say that I have a few things to be ashamed of...good thing shame isn't in my repertoire. Shameless has it's perks. So does omission *wink* it's definitely in the top ten of favorite sins, omission kicks ass!
Anyway, I'll be back soon to tell all...shut the fuck up, YES I WILL! Haha, I'm gonna be sick for a few days and that usually results in regular posts. It's the nature of the beast.
Kisses and I'll see all y'all motherfuckers soon. Listen to the Angry Samoans while I'm gone, sooo good it almost hurts!
XO Melody Lee