Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The shallow end of the gene pool.

So Anna is one of my best friends but I make no excuses for her crazy ass sister. I haven't actually seen Margaret since we all lived with Butch but I remember her juuuust fine. She was this strange hybrid of heroin slamming cock tease and religious zealot. We used to call her Attila the nun.
She would spend the whole day out hustling for dope and then nod out over her bible at night. God had told her it was wrong to fuck out of wedlock but I guess he was a bit more understanding when it came to shooting dope. Hey if being a fiend falls into a grey area, who the fuck am I to say any different?
Anyway, she routinely let guys of our acquaintance think they were gonna get laid but then heard God calling her to prayer at the critical moment. On a side note, God was just fine about letting her take as long as she needed to fix, considerate no?
So a while back I was talking to another friend and he told me that when she lived with him she would get loaded and wax philosophical. You know, about the usual things, life, death, religion, messages from God in Duran Duran songs. Yes you read that right, MESSAGES FROM GOD IN MOTHERFUCKING DURAN DURAN S-O-N-G-S!
Apparently Rio is a metaphor for original sin, Girls on Film is about greed and Hungry Like the Wolf is alluding to the search for proof of the divine.
Uh no bitch, her name is Rio and she dances on the sand, I'd say it doesn't go much deeper than that. Girls on film is pretty damn self explanatory and who knows what the fuck Hungry like the Wolf is about but I think I can safely say it's not the search for salvation.
No disrespect to Simon LeBon and crew but crafty theologians they ain't!
I suppose people can interpret things any way they like, I myself am capable of rationalizing and justifying just about anything you can throw at me but come the fuck on! Duran Duran? Really?
The bitch is clearly off her rocker and I am fully qualified to judge heheh. Just because there was a giant angel in Barbarella and a guy called Duran Duran...
OK, wait now maybe....
Nah, fuck that noise! She is batshit insane and last I heard she became a dental assistant because God wanted her to clean peoples teeth. Too bad he didn't see fit to remind her to brush her own before they all fell out.
So yeah, I was thinking about all that and thought I would share it with you. You can thank me some other time but really it was my pleasure :)
Besides, it gave me a brief respite from having to plow through the second half of my catfight episode. La-zyyyyyy!