Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NOT-so-little red riding hood-rat aka the second half of my catfight episode

So I was leaning on the couch arm, trying to ignore the other two bitches in the room. It was getting kinda hard though, Gabby's friend kept saying things under her breath. That shit irritates the hell outta me! I was trying to be good, telling myself that R-man had his cash and my services weren't gonna be needed but that goddamned muttering was driving me up the wall! Combined with the looks she was shooting at me when she thought I wasn't looking, it was getting REAL hard to stay cool. Maniac was watching the whole thing in between hits, nodding at me and mouthing "Do it, you know you want to." He came over and crouched down on the floor in front of me so we could talk without being too obvious, "Check it out homegirl, that bitch it talkin' shit, you gonna let her disrespect you like that?"
I rolled my eyes at him and said, "I know what your trying to do pendejo, you just wanna see us scrap!"
He laughed, "So what? Go show that india what's up, I know you want to. Mira, look she's doing it again, damn girl you just gonna sit here? You need to go regulate."
I stood up and stretched,"What I need to do is get the fuck outta this stank ass trailer! It smells like dog shit in here." I said it loud enough to be heard by everyone in said trailer. Maniac smiled at me and stood up, his work was done...fucker!
The Navajo girl looked past me to R-man and said, "Hey, why don't you guys get the fuck outta here? You did what you came to do, now split. I don't know what you're trying to prove bringing this bitch up in here."
R-man ignored her, more concerned with his pipe that anything else.I reached over, plucked the cigg from behind his ear, lit it and said, "You got something to say to me girl? I'm standing right fucking here..."
She heaved herself up and kept talking at Rainman, "What the fuck? You cruise in here like you got something to prove, you need to get the fuck on."
I got to my feet and moved to stand in front of R-man,"You need to sit the fuck down, shut your mouth and mind your business. This shit don't concern you."
She walked towards me, "Fuck that, this is my homegirl's place, I'm making it my business."
I just shook my head and smiled, "Bitch you don't have a clue, your homegirl is lucky she didn't get her ass beat. She should be grateful I don't do it anyway, just for wasting my time."
I leaned back on the couch arm, passed my cigg to Maniac and took the pipe from R-man, taking a long hit. I waved my hand in her direction as if dismissing her, "You needs to piss off."
She walked up to me, "Who the fuck you think you are, coming in here acting all hard?" She looked over my shoulder at R-man,"What the fuck, you bring her in here like she's the big bad wolf or something, fuck that."
I took another hit and handed the pipe back, pushing off the couch I blew a cloud of cryssy in her face and drawled, "Bitch I will blow you motherfucking house down!." I hafta say I was extremely proud of that comeback, it was damn good, probly one of my best but I was losing patience and getting tired of all this back and forth shit so I followed it with,"Sit the fuck down and shut your hole, before I shut it for you!"
She opened her mouth to say something else and I just shook my head and clocked her one right in the face. She didn't see it coming and it stunned her for a minute.
What happened right after is kinda blurry but I remember ending up on the floor and trying to keep her from using her weight to pin me down. I put my knee in her gut and kept socking her in the head, just trying to keep her off me. That girl was way HEAVY! She got me good on the side of the face and busted my lip with her elbow.
I jabbed her in the throat and she went to the side trying to keep me from doing it again (getting punched in the throat is a motherfucker, believe you me) and I managed to get out from under her. I was tasting blood and it pissed me off, I spit it at her face and said, "Stupid cooze, you busted my fucking lip!"
She was still re-learning how to breathe, so I got to my feet and kicked her in the side. I looked up and Maniac was on the edge of his seat, grinning at me, R-man was rolling his eyes and Gabby was nowhere to be seen. I spat on the floor and saw that she was trying to lever her big self up so I kicked her again for good measure. I leaned over and dribbled blood in her face and she grabbed one of my legs and knocked me on my ass.
This set off another bout of grappling where she resorted to hair pulling, stupid cunt. I HATE girly fights! If your gonna scrap, why bother with all that shit, get to swinging or piss off! Lame-ass bitch!
She ripped out a chunk of my hair and scratched the shit outta my neck. I clocked her in the face a few times and then wrapped my fingers in her greasy mop and started pounding her head against the corner of the coffee table. I think I busted it open because I heard Maniac say, "OH SHIT!" and he and R-man came over and pulled us apart.
They got me up and wouldn't let me go (I was trying to kick her in the face), I elbowed Maniac in the ribs and he dragged me out the door. He took me to the car, sat me on the trunk and started laughing, jumping back when I tried to kick him in the balls. I was NOT pleased! I don't like leaving shit undone, it doesn't matter if it ends with me getting pulverized, it needs to be OVER!
I've gotten beat within an inch of my life by guys twice her size, I'm not afraid of an ass kicking, what I don't like is unfinished business.
Rainman came out of the trailer and handed me his pipe, I was feeling a lil wilted and it fixed me right up haha. We got in the car, me riding shotgun (as usual) and went back to R-man's place. Maniac kept up a running commentary the whole ride, highlighting key moments of my little tussle. I just leaned back and smoked it up, the cryssy keeping any aches and pains at bay. There was a dull throbbing on the left side of my face and my lip felt puffy but that was about it, nothing really hurt.
We got to the homestead and R-man presented me with a fat sack of meth and a new point, bless his heart. I went into the bathroom, fixed it up and managed to thread a vein on the top of my left hand. That shit burned like the devil but it didn't matter, the rush was on and I was oblivious to anything but the chemicals running through me, stealing my breath and making me feel like I was in free fall.
As soon as I was able to function, I went to the mirror and took inventory of all my ouchies. I had a HUGE bruise forming on my left cheek and my lip was split, inside and out. I had scratches behind my right ear, curving down the side of my neck, almost to my collar bone. All in all it wasn't too bad. Casey was gonna shit when he saw me though.
I ended up getting home just before he woke up. I slipped into bed seconds before the alarm went off and tried to play dead. He woke up, turned on the light and started getting dressed. I though I was gonna get away with it when I heard, "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO YOUR FACE?"
I would have buried my head in the pillow but it hurt too much, so I opened one eye and said, "I didn't do shit." He rolled his eyes and started sermonizing about crazy bitches who come home black and blue. Fine thing coming from a motherfucker who gets in more brawls than anyone I know.
I pulled the covers over my head and said nothing, he still hasn't asked me what really went down. He just knows I didn't get smacked around by a dude, which is what he really cares about. He knows if I get into it with some broad, it's on me. Fuck, even if I scrapped with some guy, I think it would still be on me but he doesn't see it that way. Haha, old fashioned I guess.
So that's it, I've got some snaps of me all bruised up, I might put 'em up later. I just started taking this weird med cocktail of Lyrica, Neurontin and Percocet (with a lil oxy thrown in for good measure), so I'll probly be posting all kinds of crazy shit. That stuff is INSANE! It makes me feel like I'm on H and mescaline, all fucked in the head, it's dreeeeaaamy!
Anyway, I'm outta here, I'll see all y'all mothafuckas later, I need to go do...something. Oh and I'm finally getting my ink, Mario is gonna drill on me next week. He's gonna finish the stars and do the stitches around my wrist, it's gonna look cool as fuck! I haven't done any H since last weekend but I get paid in 2 days and I'm pretty sure I'll be headed to Espanola as soon as I hit the bank on Friday, it's inevitable. I'm a fiend, what can I say? As long as the bills are paid, who cares what I spend my cash on anyway?
So I'm out, kisses and all that other shit, try not to get too excited. XOXO
~Melody Lee