Monday, July 27, 2009


Even my tits are strungout heh.

Yeah I promised the rest of the story but I feel like shit and I'm not about to go into all that right now. What I am in the mood for is a little anon bashing. They never tire of spouting their judgemental verbal vomit but luckily I never tire of injecting (heheh,really!), my opinion into their mindless comments. I really kinda have to, just to keep things interesting. I wonder.....have my predictions come true? Have self-satisfied douchbags the world over actually started to sound alike? Perhaps it's that they are sooooo fucking inept that they have to go through my previous posts and find a comment to copy and paste, too lethargic in their cocoon of smug self-righteousness to come up with something original. I would looove to think that it's the same idiot over and over, that would be too, too perfect but not very likely.
I mean, who the fuck is that retarded? It's bad enough that these people have nothing better to do than troll my pages looking for something to get pissy about!
I know I give people more than enough reasons to hate me, it's what I do. I am magnificent in my beneficence heheh, I bestow a gift of adventure and debauchery that leaves no visible marks. People are free to live vicariously through me without any physical risk to themselves.
No tracks on your lily white arms, no cuts, bruises or black marks staining your pristine souls...fuckwads! If you can't see the beauty in that you can go curl up in bed (no doubt located in your mother's basement) and jerk it to your Comicon '09 photo journal. Don't think to condescend to me with your untouchable attitude, I see right through you.
One hour of my "wasted" existence is worth a lifetime of yours and if I never see the wrong side of 35 it'll have been worth it!
Whatever, I'm over it. I don't have to explain shit to anybody, that's the luxury of being a self indulgent cunt. I can do and say what the fuck I want and when it's all said and can go fuck yourself. Your opinion means less than nothing to this bitch.
Don't flatter yourselves into thinking I'm pissed either, I'm not, just bored with your lack of imagination. Not that's it comes as any surprise, sad to say.
What it comes down to is this :

You can try and lump me in to whatever category you like but at the end of the day you basically know shit about who I really am. You know what I tell you or in the case of a rather determined stalker from IL, what you snooped on the Internet.

Fuck it, I'm done with this, bored to tears and my heart just isn't in it tonight. I can't produce a scathingly brilliant post in this condition, so I'm not even going to try. I'll be back tomorrow..probly.
XO to everybody who isn't a fucktard, even if you live in your parent's basement and play WoW all day hahaha.
~Melody Lee