Friday, September 11, 2009

Part Dos: Mi Vida Coca OR "Who says crack ain't sexy?"

So I smoked smoked crack and enjoyed every second of it. Yeah, I said it...and?
I'd made my little announcement and less than 60 seconds later I was in possession of a fresh stem and a rock o' caine the size of my thumb. Loco had pressed the aforementioned items into my hands and then vanished on some mysterious errand, so I was finally able to relax. I leaned back against the closest wall and slid down to a crouch, thinking I would take a hit and then try and locate Adrian. Breaking off a good sized "crumb", I tucked it into it's little brillo nest and called out, "Lumbre?" *Fire
Maniac tossed me his lighter and I sparked it, sucking in a generous amount of mouth numbing coke-smoke. Holding it in for as long as I could, I slowly pushed my way back up the wall. That shit rung my bell! I felt a-fucking-mazing...for about 20 seconds and then the nausea hit. I exhaled a huge cloud and casually made my way (see ran), to the back door, opening it just in time to puke all over Loco's dogs. I didn't do it intentionally but they were jumping up on me, wanting attention...and boy did they ever get it! Instead of taking heed and backing the fuck off, they woofed at me and started...eating it. GROSS!!!
When it was over, I looked up and spotted Ade and two of the nameless homies from inside. They were sitting on old, ripped-out car seats that had been arranged around a fire pit and passing around a bottle of Mezcal. The fire was just embers, which was why I hadn't noticed them straight off. That and the fact that I had been in the process of heaving/fighting off overly affectionate pit bulls.
I still had pipe and rock in hand, so I secured both inside my bra and located the water spigot on the back wall of the house. I swished water around my mouth to eradicate the taste of bile, popped a piece of Orbit (trusty pocket pack), and walked over to the boys. Adrian looked pissed...and adorable! He had a cigg between his lips, hands clenched on his lap, fingers flexing. It looked eerily similar to what Casey does when he's trying to keep from murdering me. Casey looks pretty fucking hot when he wants to throttle me and I must admit that Ade was channeling that same look. It's a good look haha, but I'm a bit unusual and another less adventurous girl might find it unsettling.
Not me! I found it extremely attractive and used it as an excuse to do something unbelievably stupid and I stood in front of A and smiled, the rock had made me reckless and...stupid. Looking from his face to his hands I asked, "Are those for meeee?" His fists twitched and tightened in response, baby boy was heated!
I snagged the smoke out of his mouth and stuck it in my own, mending this was gonna require some serious diversionary tactics! Puffing on it I offered, "Ya know, they say when you feel like you can't control your hands, you should just..." I dropped down onto his lap and hooked my arm around his neck, "Sit on 'em."
The nameless-es chuckled and I felt Ade unclench his fists and relax his frame a teensy bit. He made no move to pull his hands out from under my ass, just turned them palm up and slid 'em so one was squarely underneath and the other was holding my thigh, fingers curled around to pull me closer against him.

I put my chin on his shoulder and whispered, "Forgive me?"

He pressed his cheek against mine and whispered back, "How can I not? I could forgive you anything right now."

I sat up, gave him a cheeky smile and stuck the smoke back in his mouth. Utilizing my free hand I fished around in my cleavage for the goodies. Taking my arm from around his neck, I broke off a fat crumb, loaded the stem and traded his Camel for crack-pipe. He took it in his teeth and tilted his head back so the rock wouldn't fall out. He sat absolutely still while I dug around in his pants and pulled out his...lighter heheh. I sparked it and held the flame for him, after all, his hands were occupied! *wink*
When he couldn't hold any more, I took the glass from his mouth and brought my lips to his. I held them a hairsbreadth away, not quite touching but close enough for him to shotgun me. He blew the smoke into my mouth and I sucked in, trying to capture as much of it as possible.
I don't know when it happened but he closed the distance, kissing me tentatively while I held in the hit. I may have held it in a tad longer than necessary, I wanted to enjoy this first and in all probability, last kiss from Adrian. I let him deepen it, I mean why not? The damage was already done.
He tasted of cigarettes and tequila and...fuck, a whole lot of trouble! Basically irresistible. I blew out, the smoke evaporating as I kissed him back. His hand had crept under my shirt and was slowly stroking up and down my spine.
The resulting goose bumps brought me crashing back down to earth and I started to pull away. He murmered, "Uh-uh" and held me tighter, delivering yet another series of devastating kisses. I let it go on for another minute and then broke away, I was fast losing control of the situation. Turning my face, I put my head on his shoulder and tried to catch my breath...I was very definitely breath-less! My heart was hammering in my chest and my skin felt tingly all over. I'm sure some of that can be attributed to the coca but for the most part it was Adrian. He was breathing a lil heavy himself, one hand still gliding over my back and the other clutching onto my jeans. We stayed that way, neither one of us saying a word, just...panting, haha.

The spell was broken when a nameless called out, "Who says crack ain't sexy? You two look like a teaser for base-head Skin-a-max!"

I turned and tried to summon up a little righteous indignation but ended up laughing instead. I silently thanked no-name for making an awkward situation into something comical. I eased myself off Adrian's lap until I was sitting beside him on the ancient bench seat.
Taking inventory, I saw that aside from curling my arm around his neck, I had managed to keep my hands to myself. I was still in possession of the pipe, rock and lighter. I also noticed that my bra felt curiously loose...nimble fingered fucker!
I turned my back to Ade, looked over my shoulder and drawled, "Could ya?"
He grinned at me and slid his hands under my t-shirt, skimming his fingers around to the front and adjusting the cups before going back and hooking it up.
Shivering, I sat back, tucked all the paraphernalia into my boobs and said, "Thank you, very thorough."
"My pleasure" he replied, winking at me and popping his gum, gum.
"Daaaaaang!" cried out an unidentified homie, "You should give her the gum back too homeboy! Give it back the way you got it...real sloooooow!"

I shook my head and looked at Ade, his response being to stick his tongue out, my gum sitting on the end of it. Glancing at our audience, I rolled my eyes and then thought, why not? I decided to go all porn stylie and threw my leg over both of his. Grabbing his shoulders, I pulled myself up and over so I was straddling his lap. I leaned in and sucked the gum off his tongue, dry humping his legs for effect, making it look way more obscene that it actually was.

"Fuck YESSSS!" vato#1 called out, clapping his hands, "That's what I'm talking about!"

"Shit yeah!" added vato#2, joining in the applause, "I think I gotta go jerk off now!"

"Ooooookay, " I responded, jumping off Adrian, "I am SO outta here!" I grabbed his hand and pulled him up so we could go back inside.

Right then Maniac stuck his head out the back door, "Fuck primo," he called back over his shoulder as he struggeled to avoid puppy kisses, " Your perros smell like barf!"

I let out an unintentional snort and clapped my hand over my mouth. Maniac eyed me suspiciously and then peered at the nameless-es who were giving us a standing ovation and shouting, "Again, again!"

Staring pointedly at our clasped hands, he squinted one eye at me and asked , "Que pasa con esos bueys?" * What's up with those fools?

"Nada pregunton! Attiende tus negocios y deja me los mios!" * Nothing nosy! Mind your business and let me worry about mine!
We followed him back inside and I was sure to pry my hand away from Adrian's before we encountered Loco. Things were gonna be touchy enough without giving him more reasons to act like a psycho.
Hmmm, looks like this is turning into a mini-series, must be the thwarted author coming out in me heh. I suppose that's what happens when you've been clued into the fact that your writing blows, oddly enough, by someone who can't seem to stop reading it. Funny how that works huh?
Tune in for Part tres...if y'all can force yourselves to suffer through more literary ineptitude.
Hasta Luego Amores,
~Melody Lee, (crack) Cocaine-cowgirl and recent star of Skin-a-max's, "Base-heads in Heat"