Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cholo-cide as a worthwhile pursuit.

OK so it just so happens that every time I try and stay home so I can get straight for a few days my phone rings. I get a call or a text asking me to go fuck around and if I feel like total shit (or even if I don't) I end up going out. I got a text from Adrian asking if I felt like kicking back with him and Maniac...
I considered the offer 1) because Adrian is a hot little shit 2) cause the thought of getting something in me sounds really good ( I mean dope, pervs, not dick) 3) because Casey is asleep and I'm b-o-r-e-d.
I have vowed not to do any speed and Ade promised dilaudid if I ventured out the front door. I don't have to drive, I don't hafta babysit and I don't hafta worry about gakked out cunts getting in my face. So if everything sounds so cherry, why the fuck am I in the back of some random Bronco at 1am, making my way towards Cuba?
Yeah He forgot to mention that he's been staying in Loco's crack-den and that the stash of injectables is there.
So I'm riding back here with him next to me, writing this on Maniac's new mini and wishing we weren't already 45 minutes down the 550. He looks damn fine tho and is being his usual adorable self. Joker is driving and Maniac is in the front, enjoying the fact that for once, I'm in the back. I'm cranky and feel like I might commit cholo-cide before the night is over. To top it off he keeps playing his crap music and if I hafta take much more Pitbull, I'm gonna lose it!
The thought of sidling past Loco holds little appeal as I'm fairly sure that Cap'n Save-a-ho is gonna take offense as soon as he realizes I'm hangin with Ade for the night. This is gonna be a blast, I can already tell. Perhaps I will cozy up to the Cap'n just long enough to score some rock, I did promise no crissy and I'm gonna need something to dull the senses. Don't know if I trust getting loaded around him, I've been molested in my sleep too many times and I don't feel like I need to add another to the list.
I suppose we'll see what happens when I get there. I have no doubt that Adrian will try and ride to my rescue and get a screwdriver in the neck for his efforts...right between the sexy Black Flag bars I love so much!*sigh* I'm really hoping I don't hafta make nice with Loco to avoid unpleasantness, I mean blood might be fun but not when it's gushing out of Ade's jugular. Maniac is too much of a pussy to go against his cousin and Jokes is too loyal so I'm basically fucked. Let's just hope that remains figurative and not literal, Casey will have kittens if I get tainted by cholos (or anyone for that matter). Oh well, I guess Fat Mike could always use some brothers and sisters hahahaha, I think I'm getting a lil hysterical, I just giggled out loud and Ade looks concerned. I better wrap this up, we're almost there. I'll update later if I am able.
Wish me luck.
The thus far unsullied by cholos Melody Lee
Ugh forgot to post this but fuck it, it's up now.