Monday, January 21, 2013

New Year- Same Me

Hmmm, been awhile, yeah? I honestly don't know what the fuck to write, as there is so much that's changed and yet is so typically me, that it is exactly the same.
I just had a month long...adventure that will come as no surprise to most of you. It was good. Really good. The details aren't important but as Eyelick put it "At least is shows that you aren't too good to fuck with the fan club." Succinct. I think that sums it up perfectly. I am not too good and definitely not afraid, haha. If anything, I should've been more afraid, of consequences of the whole situation. But as past record has shown, I am a sucker for devotion. Nothing more devoted than willing to fly across the country and put up with my shit for a whole month. I mean...could you? Exactly.
Not just me but also all the people around me. He had to deal with a whole cast of assholes, constantly making themselves a nuisance. He had to deal with tar and he had to deal with the almost schizophrenic atmosphere that surrounds me. It's...frenetic and there's always someone going to jail or just getting out or running from the cops or smashing mirrors with their  bare fists coz I'm in the bathroom with all the dope. It's a real clusterfuck of anxiety inducing activity.
Lucky for him I manage to offset it by being so amazing, hahaha. I think. Or he was lying to me to benefit himself, either way is cool. it doesn't need to be genuine, I just to like to hear it.
Others came and went but he stayed a month, so is probably pretty qualified now to tell everyone what a shithead I am. I keep telling him he should write a brief review and rate me on...well, whatever comes to mind. He's not interested at the moment but I'll keep after him and let y'all know.
He'd even have the photos to prove it, imagine that! Hahaha, at this point, what the fuck could I have to lose? I'm sure there's something but do i even care anymore? Did I ever? Most likely not or I wouldn't keep doing what I do. I'm my own vicious cycle.
 I am gonna admit that yes, these 18ish-25 yr olds are way more prone to putting up with my crap than someone old enough to know better. That doesn't necessarily mean anything, because when you get down to it, I don't give one fat shit if you can deal with me or not. That's why I'm so popular, haha. If you like me, that's cool, I may even like you back. If you love me, I will probably make you wish you were dead but that's another story.
If you don't like me, not even a little bit (which is hard coz I'm amazingly likable for being such a dick), eh...not my problem. You go ahead and waste time thinking about how loathsome I am and I'll do something else that I guarantee will have nothing to do with you whatsoever.
So there you have it. Stalk me online for a few years, eventually take the leap and talk to me consistently for another year. Make me laugh and shower me with attention and maybe you too can one day say that you got to bask in my presence and get fucked up with me for a WHOLE MONTH! I may even stick needles in you and let you fall asleep with me in various states of undress. Just don't love me, coz now he does and it's just a waiting game to see how long before he hates me, equally. Shall we take bets?