Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Etc Etc Ad Nauseum and So Forth...

This stupid thing won't let me upload a Godamned photo *pouting* and I was feeling so artistic!But really, the absolute first thing I want to bitch about it my use of the word justify in the comments I left on that last post. My use of that gives the impression that I was actually guilty of something, which I may be but not of that. What I meant was that as far my posts go it would only be natural that most of that shit sounds like me, I fucking wrote it. Now I realize that I am beyond amazing but even so, I do not have total recall. I don't remember half of the shit that's said to me unless it was particularly brilliant or extremely stupid OR I said it, as everything I say is obviously quite clever. What I do remember is the general summary of what was said and what these bastards sound like on a daily basis. So it's not 100% am I supposed to employ a stenographer to trail me everywhere I go so that I have notes to refer to? I don't think so. And I also don't think I'd care for the reaction I would get if I pulled out a tape recorder.
Second of all if you were half as good a detective as you believe yourself to be, you would've stalked some of my other online shit. Had you done so, you would have come to one of two conclusions 1) I am an internet genius who is able to kill off perfect strangers, juggle numerous identities, doctor photos and carry on years worth of false interaction simply to 'corroborate' my writing OR 2) These people, most of them my closest friends, are an all too real pain in the ass.
I also defy anyone to make a distinction between one of my snarky observations and one of Regina's or Anna's or K1tten's or alot of people. Not to mention that I spent years practically shackled to these assholes and we all know each other better than we know ourselves. Not only that but the aforementioned bitches would be the first to call bullshit if anything here was the least bit suspect. We thrive on embarrassing the crap out of each other on any and every available public forum AND K1tten is perhaps one of the best internet stalkers I've ever come across and you better believe that silly cow has run down every person, place or thing I have ever mentioned here, or anywhere else for that matter.
Josh is in detention for 'allegedly' doing something monumentally stupid at the California/Mexico border and Eddie I haven't heard from in a long, long time. I can only hope he's still ok as no one has even seen him in ages and screw you for making me even think like that. As for my friends here, well I stopped posting photos about the same time anon jerk offs started threatening to send them to the police.
And now that I think about it, why the fuck am I even explaining myself? You know at first I was just amused by it all and then I started to come down HARD and I got very annoyed. Mainly because if there's one thing I don't do on this blog it's blow smoke up my own ass and that's what such a thing implies. I really don't think I need to fabricate anything to make me look like a fucking mess, I do that well enough just by waking up.
As I said elsewhere (and because I adore quoting myself), "I would NEVER work THAT hard just to make myself look THIS ridiculous!" If I were so inclined, I'd like to think I'm intelligent enough to fashion myself a wee bit cooler than I have thus far. I fall on my ass...frequently. I make a clown of myself over 2 certain someone's on a regular basis and I speak openly and often about having blown (among other things), randoms for my Dope money. Does it seem strange that these guys still want anything to do with me after all this time and no real follow through? Maybe it does or maybe I've fucked them both 7 ways from Sunday and that's why they still come around, you never can tell with me. You know why that is? Because for the most part, what you know is what I tell you and what I choose to keep private is just that, private. Don’t underestimate the amount of stupid shit that comes flying my way on a daily basis.
Now for the most important thing of all, I was irritated by the whole thing but now I just don't fucking care, don't give one single solitary shit whether you feel it's true or not. And I can't help thinking that this is what I get for experimenting with prolonged dialogue as opposed to my tried and true style of verbal vomit. But THAT is neither here nor there, I'm as over it as I can get and the only reason I even bothered with this damn post was because it's expected of me and I can't bear to disappoint. Now tell me, do you believe that? Hahahaha...