Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Diversionary Tactics...

Not to add another car to the "everything sux ass" train but this seems to be the year for it. We just heard that another friend has been relegated to the dead pile. I guess it really does happen in threes.
He was more Casey's friend than mine, I knew him well enough but we weren't close, even tho I  lived with him for a short while.
 As far as I know it had nothing to do with Heroin (isn't that refreshing?), he burned up in a fire. Something to do with a wayward molotov and the inability to escape the squat in a timely manner. He was toasted up like pork rind and I'm sorry it happened to him, not a pleasant way to go. So hasta luego, Jason M. RIP.
With all this melancholy crap, I feel like I should put up something to distract from it, not detract, just make the all the charred imagery go away for a bit. I know I could use something to cleanse me of that mental picture and all the horrid details that go along with it. And yes, they were absolutely awful!
So here's some of the pics from the Vegas car show thing and my scabby stiches tattoo and some other crap I captured on camera. There's tons more but they need to be scanned and that requires actual effort so...Enjoy