Friday, February 12, 2010

half assed update

Well I had the conclusion to my Richie series all typed up and ready to go but blogger decided to eat it! So it looks like imma hafta do it all over again. Blegh!
It was interesting, even though I did feel like I was trapped in an episode of Benny Hill. I need to do a shot, I feel icky and edgey! I have some H left and a few subs for when it's gone but it looks like I'll be getting cleaned up this weekend.
I'm not feeling overly brilliant right now, so this is gonna be brief. I got promoted at work haha, is that some shit or what? I'm now a trainer and I get to um, train. Makes sense huh?
Anyway, Casey is at work and I'm all alone, getting ready to do the rest of my smack and nod until it's time for me to sign in. I'm on from 3pm to 1am and I'm s'posed to do 2 training sessions today. Wow, I feel so productive and useful! Pffft!
I am just as useless now as I ever was, so I have no clue how the fuck I managed to A) hold this job as long as I have B) actually prove myself an asset to the company. Just goes to show that you never can tell the way shit is gonna turn out.
I know there's plenty of fuckwads that will immediately comment about how they think my job is as worthless as I am and barely counts as employment at all but whatever. Suck shit, I'm not real concerned with your opinion anyway.
So I'm off to do a shot and enjoy what time I have before the girls call me. Good day to you all.
~Melody Lee